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Our building team at Village Homes has years of experience right here in Tellico Village. And not only in building homes and townhomes! Since the begining we've played our part in community development, property owner support and services, land development and real estate sales, and of course the crafting of fine Tellico Village homes. We're very proud of our reputation for not only meeting the needs of our homeowners, but for also helping contribute to their enjoyment of this unmatched Tellico Village lifestyle. We live in the Village, use these wonderful amenities regularly, and are friends with many resident and non-resident owners. Our office is located on the corner of Tellico Parkway and Chota Road, and is open or available most days. We can be reached by mail at 100 Chota Center - Loudon TN 37774, or by phone at (865) 458-6813, or by email at

From initial design, through selection of special materials, appointments and features, and on to final completion, Village Homes is with you every step of the way. To help make your building experience as care-free as possible is not just our goal, it's also the #1 reason we're in business and able to ask for your trust today. Our pledge to you is built on personal service, high-quality construction techniques, trusted building materials, and a commitment to your total satisfaction. We have been a proud and active voice for the progress and betterment of Tellico Village since Day-1. And certainly longer than any other homebuilder.  It's just what we do...

At Village Homes, we start with the attitude that your home should help you live better. Should be perfectly designed for your lifestyle. And should be built to be as energy efficient and care-free as possible. For well over two decades your team at Village Homes has been working to improve the building process, with an end goal of keeping it as simple and hassle free as possible. When you choose us, you are choosing our complete commitment to quality and customer service. We are equally motivated by the reward of having a satisfied homeowner, and a new friend and Tellico Village neighbor. And since we're probably going to put your home under just one roof, we felt it best that we're able to offer you all the necessary home building services under one roof as well. Just "stop by for a visit", so to speak, for some time well spent. Our office is conveniently located, our staff is friendly, helpful and honest, and our build/buy proposals are uncomplicated. Come on in and take it easy with us! You'll be glad you did.












If you'd like more information, please use the contact info below to reach us at any time. We can help you with everything from answering your questions about the Village, to adding you to our mailing list, to helping you arrange lodging for your next visit. We'd love to hear from you and would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Village Homes - 100 Chota Center - Loudon, TN 37774 Email Address
865-458-6813 - Visitors Center Office






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Want to look at some of our work? We will usually have a home or townhome available for your inspection. Contact us now to set a time when we can take you to an Open House.

Our Open House availability is shown below. If an Open House is not currently on our scheduled we can still get you in some homes that we've built, and/or show you what we have under construction.

We're proud of the homes we build and love to show them off. Please let us know when you are ready to take a look.

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